Welcome to the website of the 32nd Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism (SCOS). This year’s theme will be Sport, Play and Game. We’re very excited that the conference is coming to Utrecht this year and we look forward to the 7th to 10th of July.

– Organizing Team: Jeroen Vermeulen, Martijn Koster, Michel van Slobbe, Eugène Loos, Jeroen Veldman & Nicole Wojcik

Sport, Play and Game
In recent decades, sport as a social practice has become relevant in many different spheres: in health, economy, politics, education, work and leisure. The importance of sport transcends beyond the confines of the sport field. Sport is, in essence, about organization and organizing.

SCOS 2014 focuses on the symbolic and cultural meanings of sport from the perspective of the tension between play and game. Play refers to the free, the associative, the spontaneous and to (re)creative aspects. Game refers to the serious, the regulated and the competitive aspects. Hence, the conference theme Sport, play and game concentrates on the interplay between the formal and the entertaining; between the serious and the fun. It does so by focusing in on the intricate connections and tensions between work and leisure; system world and life world; rules and creativity; standardization and innovation; the categorical and the personal; the centres of hegemonic power and the margins of everyday organizational life. Because of these tensions and contradictions, the theme of Sport, play and game provides vantage points for exploring beyond taken-for-granted assumptions of social life in organizations.